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Academic Activities 
General Activities  
3 Keys to Homework Success Tips for helping your child succeed with homework
9 Steps to Finding the Right Tutor Tips for finding a tutor for your child
Do 2 Learn Disability information, printable activities, activity ideas .
DLTK’s Educational Activities for Children Various activities related to alphabet, numbers, colors, and other early concepts
education.com: Activity Ideas Activity ideas for kids; can sort by grade and topic/type of activity
education.com: Printables Printable worksheets and activities; can sort by grade and topic
Helping Your Child with Homework Parent guide to helping children with homework, includes tips and checklist.
Little Scholastic Ideas to create games to play with your child.
Nick Jr. Family section offers online games, printable activities, recipes, activity ideas, informational resources and much more.
readwritethink: Parent and Afterschool Resources Resources include parent tips, activities, games, printable resources, and more; sort by grade level
Setting a Homework Routine Tips for helping your child succeed with homework
Sesame Street: Nature Explorer’s Journal Downloadable journal for young children to explore nature.
Sesame Street: Parents Collections of videos related to specific topics; activities and recipes for children; information on how to best use the Sesame Street website with children.
Success on Standardized Tests Tips to help kids succeed on standardized tests
Language Arts Activities  
ASL Alphabet Coloring Pages Printable coloring pages that include a letter, word, picture, and ASL hand symbol for each letter of the alphabet; also available as color print-outs
Becoming A Reader Information and activity ideas for developing reading skills in children; activities begin on page 13 of the text.
Book Pals Videos of various children’s stories read aloud, activity suggestions for parents/teachers.
Get Ready to Read! Activity ideas for teaching early literacy skills
Getting Your Child Ready to Read Printable brochure about what parents can do to get children ready to read
Making the Most of Reading Tests Printable brochure about preparing students for reading tests
Next Steps Information about what to do if you have concerns about your young child’s literacy development.
Reading Rockets Information for parents related to children and literacy.
Reading, Writing, and Technology Printable brochure about internet and media literacy
Supporting Your Beginning Reader Printable brochure about what parents can do to support beginning readers
Tips for Parents of Preschoolers One page list of activity ideas to assist young readers.
What Kids Really Want to Read Printable brochure to help parents find books appropriate for the age level and interest of their reader
Writing Activities for Young Readers Printable brochure about writing activities for young readers
Math Activities  
Math and Reading Help A variety of informational articles about providing help to your student.
Sesame Street: Math is Everywhere Downloadable resources for parents and teachers to teach children that math is used in many ways throughout our lives
Sesame Street Saving Includes videos and printables related to teaching young children about saving money
Assistive Technology   
AbleData Publications Fact sheets about various assistive technology devices including wheelchairs, communication devices and much more.
Assistive Technology: A Parent’s Guide Information and printable resources concerning assistive technology for students with special needs.
Assistive Technology and the IEP Information about assistive technology services.

Enabling Devices

Purchase adapted toys, communication devices, and much more for individuals with disabilities.
Wheelchair Selection Information about selecting and obtaining wheelchairs and other mobility devices.
Communication with School   
Extended School Year Information about extended school year (ESY), eligibility, services, etc.
How to Make the Most of Parent-Teacher Conferences Tips for having a successful parent-teacher conference
Illinois Student Records Keeper Printable resource for keeping track of student records, interactions with school, etc., for students in special education.
Parent Advocates Tips and suggestions on how to best advocate for your child.
Working Together A parent’s guide to parent and professional partnership and communication within special education.
Your Child’s School Records How and why to obtain your child’s school records.
Developing Your Child’s IEP Information about the IEP process.
IDEA Parent Guide Information about all aspects of the IEP process from pre-referral, to IEP meetings, to transition services and more.
IEP Process

Information on how an IEP team works and creates IEPs.

The IEP Process Needs You Printable workbook to record information about your child; provide information about the IEP process, as well as commonly used vocabulary and acronyms.
Parent Tips for Transition Planning Information about transition planning for students with IEPs.
Tips for a Successful IEP Meeting Parent ideas for before, during, and after the IEP meeting.
Tips for Effective IEP Meetings List of tips for what parents can do before, during, and after the IEP meeting.
Special Education Information   
Categories of Disability Definition of categories of disability under IDEA law.
IDEA Information about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
ISBE: Special Education Services Special education information provided by the Illinois State Board of Education.
Special Education: A Practical Primer Basic information for parents that are new to special education.
Special Education Glossary and Acronyms Guide Explanation of special education terms and abbreviations.
RTI (Response to Intervention)   
The ABCs of RtI Printable parent guide to Response to Intervention; includes information, questions for parents to ask, and spaces to record student information
Family Guide to RtI Informational pamphlet about Response to Intervention.
Parent Guide for RTI Printable parent guide to Response to Intervention.
Response to Intervention Article explaining RtI and common terms.
General Misc.  
7 Ways to Ease Back-to-School Jitters Ideas to help your child cope with anxiety related to going back to school
Adoptive Families Articles about talking to children about adoption
Bed-wetting Information about bed-wetting.
Books That Teach Children About Death List of books, organized by age level, that teach children about death; includes description of books
Children’s Choices Reading Lists Children’s Choices lists of recommended books; each year’s list is divided by grade level
FEMA for Kids Interactive activities about disaster preparedness
goalforit Online goal charts for kids; sign up for free, create goal charts to target behavior or other specific goals, track progress,  and print reward certificates
How to Talk about Adoption Articles about talking to children about adoption
KidsNeeds.com A variety of information related to the needs of children with disabilities
National Association for Gifted Children Information and resources for parents of gifted children.
PBS Parents Information, resources, links, and printable materials related to child development, education, health and much more.
Sesame Street Tool Kits Collections of videos, printables, activities, and information related to various topics including asthma, military families, healthy habits, self-confidence, and more
Sibling Support Project Support and networking for siblings of people with disabilities
Siblings of Kids with Special Needs Tips and related articles for supporting siblings of children with special needs
TCRC Local agency providing services for individuals with special needs
Toe Walking Information about toe walking in children.

Search engine that categorizes results by readability level
Note: This search engine is not an exclusively child-safe search engine.

What Siblings Would Like Parents and Service Providers to Know Article discusses concerns of siblings of people with special needs
Anesthesia Basics General information on anesthesia
Caring for Siblings of Seriously Ill Children Tips for supporting siblings of children with serious illnesses
Food Allergy Printables Printable tags, signs, and other labels to make others aware of kids' allergies
Preparing Your Child for Anesthesia Helpful hints for explaining what will happen when under anesthesia.
Preparing Your Child for Surgery Helpful hints for explaining surgery.
SafeKids: Parents Parent resources for keeping children safe, divided by age groups.
Child Information Sheet Printable information sheet for children who wander, meant to be given in advance to make police/safety officials aware.
My Child Without Limits: Helpful Forms Printable forms; includes contact sheet, emergency information, and forms related to medical needs and expenses.
SafeKids: Safety Tip Sheets Printable safety checklists and informational brochures.
ableplay Purchase toys for children with special needs; includes toy ratings and ability to search for toys based on disability, needs, and age
Camp Big Sky Campground located in Fulton County that is accessible to individuals with disabilities
Finding a Camp for Your Special Needs Child Information on types of camps, benefits of camp, and questions to ask when deciding to send your child to camp.
HISRA Heart of Illinois Special Recreation Association; recreational programming for individuals with disabilities in the Peoria area.
IRVSRA Illinois River Valley Special Recreation Association; recreational programming for individuals in the Pekin and Fondulac Park Districts.
Special Olympics: Illinois

Information about Special Olympics in Illinois

Top 10 Tips for Choosing Toys 10 areas to consider when purchasing toys for children with special needs

Toys R Us Toy Guide

Toy guide for differently-abled kids; includes information about selecting appropriate toys for your child, safety tips, and toys available for purchase.

For Teachers 

Accommodations Manual Information for classroom teachers related to accommodations for students with disabilities; include quick-reference fact sheets
ATTO Assistive Technology training for professionals
BoardMaker Share Teacher-shared BoardMaker resources
Intervention Central Intervention and assessment resources for teachers
Parent Links Many of our Parent Links are of interest to educators as well
Picture Set Downloadable visual supports that can be used by students for both receptive and expressive communication in the classroom, at home, and in the community
RTI Action Network General information on RTI
SafeKids: Educators Educator resources for teaching children about safety
Social Story Tips Tips for writing social stories for children
Transitioning to Kindergarten Tool Kit Tool kit